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Welcome to Alderwood Advantage Vacation Exchange - Your Exchange Service!

You can deposit your Vacation Ownership with our Worldwide Exchange Program! 

$99 for an exchange
$150 for a one week, per bedroom upgrade
$30 per CPO (Cancellation protection)
No guest fees
One for one exchange (no complicated trading values or powers)

  • Free Membership
  • 3 Year Credit
  • Low Exchange Fees and you Don’t Pay Until You Exchange
  • Award winning Customer Service
  • Free Requests – if you can’t find it, we will try
  • Bonus Weeks
  • Our system is one of the most simple and cost effective exchange systems available in the marketplace today. We do not require our members to remember tricky trading power tables or valuation models.
  • Simply deposit your week for whatever week is currently available in the exchange pool. Should you not find what you are looking for in the available exchange pool, you can make a special request for what you are looking for and we will do our best to find that vacation for you.
  • Getting started is simple.  You deposit your timeshare week in exchange for a three year credit. You can use that credit as soon as you deposit, or you can take as long as three years from the date of the deposit to make your vacation plans!
  • There are no guest fees with this service, if you can’t find the time to take your vacation and would like to give it to a friend or family member, we can help and it won’t cost you anything extra!
  • With our exchange service you won’t pay a penny until you find the vacation you are looking for and when you do find it, you will pay a low exchange fee. Oly $99 for a domestic exchange or an international exchange. And if you need any help, just remember, we’re only a phone call away!
  • As part of the exchange service you have access to bonus weeks. These are weeks that are in our exchange pool that are within 60 days of the check in date. These weeks are available at amazing rates to timeshare owners, check availability often.

The Simple Details

  • Deposit your week- Your Exchange Credit is good for 3 years
  • Place a request, search our current availability
  • Pay a low Exchange Fee only when you book your week
  • No Guest Certificate Fees

Bonus Weeks

  • Your Exchange program also gives you access to Bonus Weeks
  • Bonus Weeks do not require an Exchange Credit to book
  • These weeks are offered at such a drastically reduced rate you MUST be a member to book.

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